Наши собаки

Zizi Zazou Of Briddy`s Home

NHCB 2403429, CLP 1369/04, date of birth: 16/05/2002, grizzle and tan

Land of birth: Netherlands, Land of standing: Czech Republic



Zizi Zazou Of Briddy`s Home
Dandyhof Knight Errant
Dandyhof Shady Knight
Dandyhof Brussel Sprout
Dandyhof Solitaire
Dandyhof Columbine
Cravendale Copper
Goody Two Shoes Of Dandyhof
Outline Fiery Lucifer
Oliver Fleret
Friendly Finnigan Of Briddy`s Home
Anny Z Comnice
Lady Luck Fiery Lucifer Mansergh Tontine
Hussy Of The Half House

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