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Malice Bleue Stan

LOF 3 BOR.T. 1131/233, LOF 0001131, date of birth: 16/05/2001

Land of birth and standing: France, kennel: Malice Bleue

Breeder: Sandrine Charmeaux


Malice Bleue Stan

Malice Bleue Play With Fire

Malice Bleue Normal Que Je Gagne

Foxforest Cherokee Chief

Malice Bleue J`naomi

Foxforest Sweet Dream

Foxforestlight The Sky

Foxforest Look Me Flying

Malice Bleue Morgane de Toi

Double Scotch

Scots Gaurdsman

Pontbeck Bonny Hinny

Malice Bleue Hun Certain Look D`enfer

Foxforest Abracadabra

Malice Bleue Out Of Africa

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