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Otterkin Mystery Within Conundrum

KCSB 1858 CB, date of birth: 04/08/1991

Land of birth and standing: United Kingdom, kennel: Otterkin

Breeder: Mrs. K. Wilkinson, Owner: D.G. and J.A. Parker

Otterkin Mystery Within Conundrum

Scots Gaurdsman

Norstan Kalico Kid

Dandyhow Scotsman

Norstan Kalico Rose

Border Mist

Uncle Walter of Dandyhow

Dandyhow Hot Chocolate

Otterkin Singin` The Blues

Brannigan Of Brumberhill

Brumberhill Blue Maestro

Fine Lady

Otterkin Blue Brocade

Brumberhill Blue Maestro

Sutoby Foxy Lady Of Otterkin

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